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Areas of Expertise

I work with adults and couples who can benefit from insight-oriented therapy.

Treatment specialization includes:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

  • Couples Counseling

  • Divorce

  • Grief Counseling

  • Work and Career issues

  • Stress Management

  • Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

  • High functioning Autism/Asperger's

  • Self-esteem and Personal Growth

  • Spiritualty

  • Brief and Employee Assistance Program counseling

  • Identity and other Existential Issues

 In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my clients individual needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

Organization Development

I have 20 years experience consulting to individuals and organizations on leadership development, business process design, organization change management, team building, organization effectiveness, empowerment, and employee satisfaction. I have worked in and consulted to the non-profit sector, small business, fortune 500 corporations, and the federal government. 


Coaching is a client-centered, and client-directed, intentional process of discovery, learning, growth, and development that is facilitated by the professional relationship between the client and the coach. The goal of coaching is to achieve a higher level of personal and/or professional satisfaction and quality of life. 

My Approach
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