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My work with clients is based on the holistic philosophy of transpersonal, humanistic, mindfulness, and depth psychology. Psychotherapy is appropriate for clients who have a diagnosable behavioral health condition including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, grief, significant stress, trauma, or difficulty adjusting to a significant life event. I use a client-centered approach that honors the lived experience and inherent wisdom of my clients in the dimensions of mind, body, emotions, spirituality, creativity, and community. The therapeutic process is focused on facilitating a client's self-awareness, self-acceptance, curiosity, and courage to change and grow. Client who benefit most from this approach have a strong desire to heal, gain insight, and transform insight into action.

A significant aspect of my practice is trauma recovery and reducing the habitual use of survival strategies that no longer serve a client's needs, self-understanding and acceptance in order to make better life choices, cultivating a mindful approach to life, and helping introverts, the neurodiverse, and highly sensitive people navigate an over-stimulating world. The core of humanistic-oriented therapy is to help clients find the courage to be authentic in their lives and to gain freedom through consciousness.

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