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Keeping Your Office Visit Safe

In order to protect patients and providers during in-person sessions, we have taken steps to minimize risk of exposure to COVID19. Teletherapy sessions are still encouraged but if you feel that in-person therapy is more beneficial, we want you and our providers to feel safe and comfortable. Here are the steps we are taking to facilitate the best possible experience.

Protective Masks & Physical Distance

Research1 is showing that wearing a masks reduces the risk of transmission to 3.1% and physical distancing of 6 feet or more reduces the risk of transmission to 2.6% or lower. Face masks are available in the Mammoth Lakes office if you forget to bring a mask. The Mammoth Lakes office also provides more than 6 feet of distance between you and the provider. The Bishop office provides approximately 4' - 5' of distance between you and the provider. Please be aware that 6 feet is the recommended minimum physical distancing but is influenced by variables such as indoor vs outdoor, indoor ventilation, and standing vs sitting. For this reason, in-person therapy sessions in the Bishop Office are available as long there is no COVID surge in Inyo County and if you have received and can provide proof of your COVID19 vaccination.

Air Circulation & Purification

The CDC recommends2 increasing circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors, using fans, and other methods. The Mammoth Lakes office offers significant air circulation and purification. Weather permitting, a sliding glass door will be open and a ceiling fan will help circulate outdoor air into the space. In the winter, please be prepared with a jacket as having the sliding door open does make it difficult to keep the office warm. The problem of street noise prohibits effective use of open windows in the Bishop Office and is another reason in-person sessions for unvaccinated clients are suspended at this time.


In addition increasing outdoor air circulation, the CDC recommends increasing air filtration.  I have installed in both offices a Molecule Air Purification system that is shown to kill 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses in 2 hours. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing

High touch surface such as tables, door knobs, and pens are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Hand sanitizer is available when you walk in the office. Please use or wash hands at sink. All surfaces will be treated using the Protexus electrostatic sprayer and food contact surface safe and hospital grade PureTab sodium troclosene (NaDCC) sanitizing tablets. NaDCC is 50 times more effective than bleach and less harmful to people and the environment. It is safe for use in daycare, hospital, food services, airlines, and most other environments. This technology allows for hospital grade sanitation of all hard AND soft surfaces.

Your Responsibility

Do not arrive more than 5 minutes ahead of your appointment.

Complete (click link)  Informed Consent about Risk of In-Person Therapy Session

Masks are optional for in-person sessions. If you forget to bring a mask, one will be provided.


Teletherapy must be used if you or I have any symptoms of illness or a fever, if you or I have been possibly exposed to the virus through travel or visiting people who may have been lax in physical distancing or mask-wearing, or any other factors that my put you or I at risk of being an a-symptomatic spreaders.

Hand sanitizer or hand washing are available and encouraged when you enter the office.

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